12 Amazing things about Cavapoo Dogs

We live in the age of designer dogs, and things keep on getting better. Today we are looking at the Cavapoo. Buying a designer dog in most cases is like receiving a birthday gift. You can never tell what you will find inside when you unwrap the gift. Cavapoo is a cross breed between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle.

This dog may either come with the curly coat of the poodle or the straight coat of the Cavalier. In either case, the Cavapoo is a charming and lovely dog. Both the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the poodle are very active dogs. For this reason, the Cavapoo is one of the most active designer dogs.

cavapoo poodle mix dog

This poodle mix is usually toy and mini in size. However, you may come across the teacup from time to time. Their charming personality combined with their fantastic looks are what draw most people to this breed. Cavapoo usually weighs between 12 and 25 pounds. This is a very comfortable size for anyone looking for a mobile family dog.

You can move with your Cavapoo baby from one place to another without a problem. Cavapoo will make your lap her home; so forget about making her your watchdog. This charming beauty is so easy to train and will gladly follow your commands. Although, sometime, she may prefer sitting on your lap than the "sit and stay" option. With that said, let's look at some of the essential facts about the Cavapoo.

The Origin of The Cavapoo

Cavapoo, a cross breed between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a poodle, is a designer dog that has been around for quite some time. The breed has been appearing on and off many times in history although the breeding was accidental in most cases. The increase in demand for small dogs has led to the rise in popularity for this breed.

Because Cavapoo is a low shedding dog, this explains the reason for the craze behind this breed. Cavapoo was meant to bring together the best of the two worlds with the intention being to achieve a small designer non-shedding dog. Over the years, the number of breeders for this dog has risen. There are many breeders across the globe. In Australia, the Cavapoo is known as the Cavoodle.

This breed has gained popularity over the years and is considered one of the most liked designer dogs. The American Kennel Club does not recognize it since it is not a pure breed. However, this dog has been registered by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

charles spaniel poodle mix dog

Finding A Cavapoo

The process of finding a Cavapoo involves two phases. The first thing you need to do is chose the source of your dog. This means that you decide where you want your Cavapoo to come from. There are those who prefer to buy a dog that has already grown within a family setting and has been trained. The process of finding such a Cavapoo will include searching for individual families selling their dogs.

On the other hand, some individuals prefer to buy a young puppy and train them on their own. It is always good to buy a young dog so that you can teach him/her according to your preferences. In this case, finding a Cavapoo must be done through a systematic breeder search. You must visit several breeders and see the available options to find your preferred Cavapoo.

There is also another option of finding a Cavapoo on a tight budget. If you do not have enough cash to buy a Cavapoo you may opt to adopt one. It is possible to adopt a Cavapoo from a Cavapoo rescue center or shelter. However, you may not have a choice when it comes to the dog's appearance and looks. In most cases, you will have to adopt the dog that is available.

Lifespan Of A Cavapoo

The lifespan of any given dog depends on how you care for him. More social and active a dog stays the longer the lifespan. By providing your dog the right food, and vaccination, you increase their days with you. Even so, every dog breed has the average days they are expected to live. The days may vary from one region to another. Dogs can be affected by weather and the environment they stay.

Cavapoo, being a hybrid dog, is expected to have a stronger immune than its parents. This means that it should be less susceptible to the diseases that may affect its parents. On average, Cavapoo has a lifespan of between 13 and 15 years. This can, however, get better with better care. With proper care, your dog may be around for up to 17 years. This is pretty a good time for you to spend with your dog.

Cavapoo Full Grown

Cavapoo full grown dog is very surprising. Although this dog is classified as moderately active, it can get hectic sometimes. The dog will take on the full-grown look at the age of 1 year. However, this breed is considered fully grown at around 18 months. Full-grown Cavapoo should weigh about 5 -10 kgs.

The toy Cavapoo will measure between 28 and 35 cm in height while the mini Cavapoo will measure between 35 and 43 cm in height. This dog usually comes in solid colors with a few patches of multi-colored dogs. Full-grown Cavapoo can either be Black, white, blonde, cream or tawny. A round face and long ears also characterize this dog.

There is no doubt about the fact that Cavadoodle is a very charming dog. He is social, loyal, playful and gentle with children. This dog has the most unexpected appearances with some thick curly coat or straight coat. He must be taken out for a daily walk. This dog does not demand much activity as other breeds. Just a walk will be enough to get him settled. This is why the Cavapoo is recommended for anyone who does not have much experience with dogs.

cavapoo puppy

Do Cavapoo Shed?

One of the main aims of breeding this dog was to attain a thick coat designer dog that does not shed. However, it is not possible to attain a breed that does not shed. Any dog that has a coat must shed. Unless you want to buy a completely hairless dog, you should be prepared to deal with some fur. The desire to have non-shedding breeds has pushed the designer dogs market to a new level; with breeders working day and night to generate breeds that shed less. Cavapoo is one of the success stories.

Both the parents of the Cavapoo are low shedding dogs. This can explain why the Cavadoodle is considered a dog that does not shed. However, even if it is a low shedding dog, the Cavapoo will still give off some fur. If you are one of those individuals who do not like eating your dog's hair or you are allergic to the dog's hair then Cavapoo should be a good option.

Is Cavapoos Hypoallergenic?

The answer to this question has never been yes, but most people keep on asking. There is nothing like a hypoallergenic dog. Some dogs are more tolerable to allergic people, but no dog cannot cause an allergic reaction. All dogs produce fur, dander, and saliva that can cause allergic reactions. The only dog that would be termed hypoallergenic is one that has no saliva, fur or dander.

Obtaining this kind of a dog is not possible whatsoever. It is true that most people who are allergic to dogs are usually affected by the dog's fur. If you are satisfied that the dog's fur causes your allergic reaction, then the Cavapoo would be a good option for you. This dog sheds less and is more tolerable by most allergic people. However, if the dog's saliva or dander trigger your allergies, Cavapoo cannot be termed as a hypoallergenic dog for you. You will have to try with this breed and many other breeds to find the one that is compatible with you.

brown cavapoo dog

Cavapoo Health Problems

All dogs are subject to diseases. Just like humans, some dogs may be born with hereditary conditions while others may suffer from general diseases. The main reason for breeding hybrid dogs is to widen the pool of genies to reduce the chances of health problems found in parent dogs. For this reason, most hybrid dogs are less susceptible to diseases that affect their parents and other dogs in general. However, the primary way of ensuring that your dog remains healthy is vaccination and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes the feeding patterns and regular exercising. With that said, various health conditions might affect the Cavapoo.

Some of the conditions that may affect a dog include heart conditions such as the Mitral valve disease, skeletal problems such as the syringomyelia, skin diseases such as atopy, neurological conditions such as the cerebellar abiotrophy and allergies. While some of these conditions are hereditary, there is no guarantee that a dog must suffer from them. Most Cavapoo puppies live a healthy life without carrying any condition from their parents. It is essential to have a vivid look into the parent's health history before you buy any puppies.

If you buy a dog that has chances of suffering from a hereditary disease you can insure against it. Many insurance companies offer policies for dogs that are born to parents that may lead to some inherited diseases. All dogs should be protected against some diseases.

How Much Does A Cavapoo Cost?

We have already mentioned that the three main ways of acquiring a Cavapoo include buying from a breeder, adopting and buying from a family. The cost of your dog depends on the seller in most cases. There is no regulation on designer dog prices. Some breeders will create an impulsive price based on the appearance of the dog. Cavapoo is toy and min in size and as we all know the smaller the dog, the more attractive it is. This may be a reason for most breeders to hick the price of this dog.

In general, you have to part with some amount between 1200-1800 USD if you want to buy this dog. This is the price for a two weeks old puppy from a breeder. If you chose to buy a mature dog from a family, you might be forced to pay more. Even so, some breeders may sell you the dog at a higher price or lower. While it's okay to bargain for a better deal, avoid breeders that sell at meager prices.

Other factors to consider when buying a dog include the grooming and accessories. Some breeders will tell you the dog is worth $1200 without mentioning that you will have to pay for the leash vaccination and chain separately. Ask your breeder to put all these facts in perspective before you pay your deposit.

The cheapest Cavapoo can be obtained from a rescue center or shelter. The only thing you have to pay is a small adoption fee. In some cases, you will not even be required to pay anything. Just visit the nearest Cavapoo rescue center or shelter near you.

charles spaniel poodle mix puppies

Choosing A Cavapoo Breeder

Cavapoo is a hybrid designer dog that is very trending in the market. This may drive some quack breeders into the business to make money. Do not just fall for a dog because he/she is cute. There is more to designer dogs than the only appearance. The breeder plays a vital role in producing healthy puppies and ensuring that your puppy is prepared for the family social life.

When choosing your Cavapoo breeder, ensure that you get the chance to sample more than two breeders. By having a look at more options, you begin to understand the perspective of what a good breeder looks like. Secondly, visit each breeder's' breeding grounds. Assess the environment within which the puppies are brought up before you choose to buy from that breeder.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. The breeder is looking to make money by selling you a puppy, he /she should be ready to answer all your questions and address all your concerns. Avoid breeders that are not open to questions or try to sweep your concerns under the carpet. A good breeder should show passion for what he/she does and should be willing to give you some tips about the dog breed you want. Their knowledge of this breed will tell you how reliable they are as breeders.

Adopting a Dog From a Cavapoo Rescue or Shelter

To adopt a dog from a Cavapoo rescue or shelter is the best thing you can do for a dog. Every year, plenty of dogs are lost and never found by the owners. Adopting one will help find a home for a helpless Cavapoo. You will be required to pay a sum between $0 and $250. If you meet the dog of your desire, the adoption process may be as short as two days. Check for lost Cavapoos at Cavapoo rescue centers and poodle shelters.