12 Amazing Things About A Cockapoo

What is a Cockapoo?

Cockapoo is one of the earliest designer dogs. He is a cross breed of a poodle and an American or English cocker spaniel. It became popular in the 1960s and has ever since been a darling to many. With plenty of designer dogs, it becomes hard to differentiate one breed from the other. This dog has been characterized as a clown due to its fun-loving nature. cockapoo dog Cockapoo is entirely a family dog with a big heart for humans. He is one of the few designer dogs that shed less. Your lap is technically his home.

The good thing about this breed is that the dog generally accepts everyone in the family. He is standard in size and is well suited for family time, playing with children and cuddling. They are known to love fun, and they are known to draw everyone around into their enticing games and activity.

Cockapoos are very intelligent and loyal. They also do not require much grooming as the poodle would. While these dogs are mainly standard in size, you may be able to come across teacup, toy and miniature Cockapoo. Here are the 12 amazing things you need to know about the Cockapoo.

1. Cockapoo Origin.

The first breeding of this dog was an accident. It is believed that the breed was accidentally reproduced in the 1950s and its puppies started gaining popularity. The popularity of this breed can be attributed to its characteristics such as low shedding and high intelligence. Cockapoo became more popular in the 1960s, and since then more breeders have come out to breed the dog.

cockapoo dog poodle mix

Today, there are plenty of cockapoo breeders all over America and the world at large. Over the years, there have been efforts to produce the best versions of the dog. In 2004, the American Cockapoo Club was formed. This group advocates for the breeding of Cockapoos whose roots can be traced back to the original parents. While this dog has not been recognized as an original breed yet, it has been around for a long time now and can be categorized as a stable dog. It has a known medical history, lifespan and behavioral characteristics as compared to the newer breeds.

2. Cockapoo Temperament

As already mentioned, cockapoo can be either standard, toy or miniature in size. Toy cockapoos are generally under 12 pounds. The mini is between 12 and 20 pounds while the standard is above 20 pounds.

This Poodle Mix comes in an array of eye-catching colors. They include white, black, cream, buff, apricot, and red. You can also get multicolored dogs. In most cases, it is just one of these colors with shades of white. There are chances where you can find tricolored, merle or roan cockapoos.

Cockapoo is characterized by a dense coat that can be either curly or wavy. This is one of the least shedding designer dogs. Although the coat does not need much grooming, you have to brush it on a daily basis.

3.Finding a Cockapoo

cockapoo dog

Finding a cockapoo is not as hard as trying to find some other designer breeds. There are many ways you can use to get your hands on this poodle mix. However, finding a teacup cockapoo may not be easy. The main options you will come across are the standard and toy cockapoos.

You can find your dog at a cockapoo rescue center or a shelter. You can also find from a breeder or from a family that is willing to sell theirs. Another way is to use social media and online platforms when finding a cockapoo. Check the Instagram influencers pages to find anyone selling their dogs or ask for a cockapoo of your preference.

The best way of finding a cockapoo remains the traditional search through breeders. Breeders are the guaranteed option since they keep on reproducing the puppies. Finding a cockapoo through a breeder also gives you more opportunities to chose from as compared to the other ways.

4.Lifespan of a Cockapoo

Cockapoo is a designer dog and has a generally longer life than its parents. Most designer dogs tend to have a longer lifespan than their parents because they have more stable immune than their parents. Due to cross-breeding, the puppies have a vast pool of genes to draw from hence they are less affected by the diseases that may affect their parents.

However, the lifespan of your cockapoo will depend oh how well you cater for your dog. Create a home environment for your dog. This dog is an indoor dog and keeping him outside may reduce his lifespan by a half. This dog can live for 14 to 18 years. However, with proper care, you may have your adorable cockapoo around for up to 20 years.

5. Cockapoo Health Problems

As mentioned above, this dog is more healthy than its parents. Even with that being said, every dog needs care. Vaccination, proper feeding, and proper cleaning are the three essential factors for any dog. Failure to uphold any of these factors will lead to a sick dog and eventually death. Here are some of the diseases that may affect a cockapoo.


This condition causes opacity of the eyes. The occurrence of cataracts mainly happens in old age. The dog's eye will have a cloud-like appearance. The situation is not painful, and most dogs can live a normal life even with cataracts.

Patellar Luxation:

This refers to the displacement of the kneecap out of position. This condition is common in small dogs but not necessarily the cockapoo. It may occur to your dog too. It may lead to the dog being crippled although the dog may live a normal life even with the condition.


Many dogs suffer from allergies including cockapoo. The dog may suffer from three types of allergies. They include food allergies, contact and tropical substance allergies.

The dog may be allergic to human contact as well as contact with other dogs. It would help if you also kept track of your tropical substances such as shampoos, flea powder, and soap and how they affect your dog. Some of the symptoms of allergies include hair loss, itching, scratching, red skin and vomiting among others.

6. Cockapoo Full Grown

Cockapoo is an active dog. When full-grown, he loves to stay with family and play a lot. A dense coat usually characterizes cockapoo full grown dog. This coat is generally curly or curvy and does not shed. The dog attains full growth at the age of 2 years although, the dog can have a full grown cockapoo look at 16 months. He is also very loyal and intelligent making it a good family dog.

cockapoo dog

7. Do Cockapoos Shed?

The best answer to this question would be no, but that would not be true. All dogs shed, but there are those that shed less. Cockapoo is one of the few designer dogs that shed less. It is one of the most loved dogs because it does not shed much and needs less grooming. Having a dense coat, that is single layered; the dog does not dispose of hairs at any given time of the year. The dog also has dander, but it is in small amounts. Generally, as compared to other dog breeds, Cockapoo does not shed much and does not produce much dander.

8. Are Cockapoos Hypoallergenic?

If hypoallergenic is what you prefer to call dogs that shed less, then the answer would be yes, Cockapoo can be considered hypoallergenic. However, there is nothing like a hypoallergenic dog. All dogs may cause allergic reactions even those that shed less. The causes of dog allergies include the dog's smell, fur, and dander.

The fact that a dog sheds less does not mean that you will not react to its smell or dander. For you to find a dog that is compatible with you, you need to try with many dogs. This poodle mix is one of the best dogs to try out f you are allergic. It is more tolerable to allergic people and can be useful to you too.

9. How Much Does A Cockapoo cost?

Cockapoo is one of the high demand dogs, and so its prices are a little high. On average, a cockapoo puppy will cost you between $1100 and $2000. This price is for a well-bred dog from a reputable breeder. You may find much cheaper options from backyard breeders. While its okay to buy from a backyard breeder, you cannot be sure of the dog's health and general characteristics.

The quoted price of the dog may or may not be inclusive of accessories such as the leash and the chain. Some breeders may include the accessories in the overall cost while others will charge separately. Ask your breeder to clarify such factors before you agree. If you have to pay for the leash, the chain and vaccination separately, you may have to part with around $450 more.

The average annual cost of keeping this dog is around $1200. This includes medical bills, vaccination, and feeding. This is in the case that your dog does not develop any serious illness. However, the cost can rise if you choose to spoil your dog with designer grooming and special treatments.

10. Choosing A Cockapoo Breeder

cocker spaniel poodle mix dog

The Most critical decision for any prospective dog owner is choosing the right breeder. You may be wondering who the right breeder is? First, you need to set down a list of qualities you desire in a dog. It is these qualities that will help you arrive at the right breeder. If you are looking for a family dog, the right breeder is the one that breeds their dogs in a family setting. Before you settle on any breeder, there are three things you must do:

First, ask for a chance to meet the breeder. Generally asses the breeder based on how they talk about their dogs. Any breeder that is business oriented is not good for you. Look for a breeder that shows passion not only for dogs but for that particular breed. Ask him/her whey he chose to breed cockapoos. This is when you notice how much he knows about the breed. Some breeders breed dogs without doing any research or having any prior experience. This question will help you understand their background.

Secondly, ask to visit the breeding grounds. Have a general assessment of the ground such as hygiene, the social life, and the feeding patterns. These are factors that influence your dog's life and behavior. You need to find a dog that is living in a clean environment and has some sense of family social life. Such a dog will be easy to introduce to your family and make a bond.

Lastly, consider the price and terms of payment. Do not allow yourself to be scammed. Some breeders overcharge innocent buyers. As already mentioned the maximum price for a cockapoo should be $2000. This price in itself is already high so don't agree to pay higher. A reasonable breeder should also guarantee you of a refund in case you pay for the puppies before they are born. If you are not assured of a refund, don't make any agreements with that breeder. Most importantly, you should be allowed to choose your puppy as soon as they are born. Never allows the breeder to select for you.

11. Adopting A Dog From A cockapoo Rescue Center or Shelter.

This is also a viable option. You can look for a cockapoo from a rescue center or shelter. The disadvantage of this option is that you may not find your preferred choice. It will help if you also investigated the character of the dog you are adopting if it is a mature one. Mature dogs may come with improper etiquette which may not be easy to change.

12. Are Cockapoos Easy To Train?

Cockapoos are among the most intelligent dogs. They are smart and loyal as well as very energetic and active. This means that they can easily be trained. Poodle Mix can master commands quickly and is enthusiastic to execute your orders.


If you are looking for the perfect family dog, then the cockapoo should be your choice. This pretty dog is affectionate, loyal, intelligent, and most importantly, it is tolerable to allergic people. It does not require much grooming and is generally loving to all family members.